Q. What is it like having a captain on board? A. A captain vastly eases your burden of responsibility for the boat, creating a truly stress-free vacation. ELSKOV’s forward stateroom is private and separate from the rest of the boat, so a family may wish to quarter the captain there, and to occupy the main saloon, which houses five large berths, the galley, the dining table, and the navigation table. A couple, on the other hand, may wish to occupy the forward quarters, and have the captain in the main saloon. The choice is yours. Also: the captain’s job is to ensure the safe navigation and handling of the yacht between destinations. You may request that he or she be as present or as discreet as you wish, once the yacht is moored. (Our captains know our cruising grounds very well, and serve as excellent guides. They orient you to the boat’s systems. They tend to mechanical malfunctions and troubleshooting. However, they do not cook or clean.)

Q. Why is your company called Nuada Classic Yachting? A. The “Classic Yachting” part is self-explanatory. “Nuada” is a little more complicated. In our search for a name, we stumbled upon this one, which was the moniker of several mythological Celtic figures. Digging a little deeper, we learned that the name Nuada is associated with the name Nodens—a British deity who was connected with the sea and healing. So far, so good. It sealed the deal when we learned that “Nuada” is likely rooted in a Germanic word meaning “have the use of.” We find sailing to be profoundly healing, and we're eager to offer the use of our boat to others who do, too. So, we cherry-picked the interpretation of Nuada to fit our wishes. Plus, we like the way it sounds.